How to become a florist?

flowers malvern east We all know who florists are. The flower guys who make floral arrangements for us like that of bouquets and decorations. Apart from being around the pretty flowers, it’s also them who is responsible for organizing the storage and meeting up with deadlines and deliveries.

Let’s talk about the lesser known facts of how to find a good florist? What exactly is a good florist? What are the necessary steps to becoming a florist? Let’s begin…

Education & Training requirements for becoming a Florist

We all know that you have to study medicine to become a doctor, economics to become an economist and science to become a scientist. But what are the required educational requirements of a florist? Well for starters you should know that florists need to have a VET qualification. Several institutions offer this course, although subjects can vary. In case you do not have a complete VET qualification, you can opt for an apprenticeship. Employers looking to hire florists usually demand around a decade of experience.

Requirements of being a good florist

The person applying for the job of a florist should:

• Like indulging in artistic activities
• Should have a good aesthetic sense
• Should genuinely love flowers
• Have excellent communication and selling skills
• Observant and pay attention to even the minute details

Main Responsibilities of a Florist

Being a good florist is a tough job. They need to take care of the following:
1. Communicate with clients and then deliver as per their floral requirements. They need to make sure that the client is satisfied in all aspects ranging from what they wanted to their budget.
2. They should have a know-how of all kinds of flowers and what kind goes with the type of occasion they have been hired for.
3. Flowers need to be fresh and in top shape. If need be they should be trimmed and strengthened with a wire.
4. arrange delivery of flowers(whilst on the topic check out flower delivery, Malvern, you won’t be disappointed with their flowers and punctuality)
5. decorate party and event venues
6. workout the cost and also maintain a healthy financial record

What are the working conditions for a Florist?

Well other than being in a pretty environment, surrounded by flowers, florists have to attend flower markets. They have to be on their feet, more so during the peak seasons, plus they need to have a smile on their face as they have a high level of public contact.

What are the Employment Prospects of a florist?

If you are looking to be a florist, Malvern is the place for you. You will find a lot of openings as florists’ assistants and you can learn and progress from there. If you want to be a florist and love flowers Malvern East is not a bad place to kick start your career.